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Helpful Septic Tips in Springfield, OH                                

  • Wash a maximum of 3 loads of laundry per day, spreading them throughout the day. 

  • Use only biodegradable soaps and detergents.

  • Don't do your wash when it's raining.  This puts an extra burden on your leachfield.

Kitchen Sink
  • Limit the use of your garbage disposal.  This will casue your tank to fill with solids faster.

  • Don't pour grease or oil down your drain.

  • Don't wash paint brushes in the sink.  Paints and solvents should never be poured down the drain.  These can do damage to your leachfield.

  • ​Flush only bodily waste and toilet paper.  Nothing else.

  • Don't take long showers, especially when it's raining.  Excess water usage is hard on the leachfield.


Your Septic System
  • Don't drive or park heavy equipment over the septic system.

  • Don't use any septic treatment products in your system.  These products cause the solids to be broken down too fine and then flow into your leachfield.  Solids should remain in the tank and be pumped out periodically as they can ruin the leachfield. 

  • If you have a distribution box with a diverter, adjust annually to alternate the flow to your leachfields and extend it's life.



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